Beiter Development LLC

To my welcome guests,

I’ll start with a brief background. In 1992, I was introduced to Roane Puett, a real estate developer and golf legend in Austin. Roane encouraged me to organize Puett & Beiter Builders, LLC to provide construction management services to his venture partnerships that were building commercial and recreational projects in and around Austin. The projects included commercial subdivisions, storage facilities, and Plum Creek Golf Course. From relationships that grew from these projects, I began to manage the planning and construction of custom homes for others. As Austin’s economic growth accelerated, Puett & Beiter Builders began acquiring residential lots in Austin and West Lake Hills and managed the design, production, and sale of custom homes.

In 2014, I organized Beiter Development LLC to continue building and providing construction planning and management services, with Roane participating in an advisory role. Recent projects include a Central Texas farm and ranch outside of Liberty Hill and an Austin high-density residential development. Currently, Beiter Development LLC has an office condominium complex under construction. If you are interested in getting more information, please call or email me. Please enjoy your visit.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Beiter, President

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